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Seller FAQs

We’ve compiled answers to some of the questions we are most commonly asked about selling on Vintage Granny: from setting up to selling well. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

How much does it cost to sell on Vintage Granny and how do I pay?

Not as much as you might think! For starters, there’s no set-up costs, long-term contracts or subscription fees – you only pay us a small commission of 15% on the items you actually sell.

Every Sunday, the amount you received in sales in the previous week will be transferred to your PayPal account, minus the 15% commission fee. Please note that any orders made on the payment date will not be processed in time and carry over into the following week’s payment.

What sort of items can I sell on Vintage Granny (and what can I not sell)?

Our buyers are based all over the world and have a discerning eye for the unique and the antique – from homewares and furniture to vintage clothing.

The best way to get a sense of what our buyers are looking for is to browse the categories and items already listed on the site – if you can bring your own special additions to those categories then we’re sure our buyers will embrace you!

Please note we are dedicated to creating and maintaining a platform that is inclusive for all and mindful that some items – particularly from times gone by – are potentially offensive. We will not approve any listing that we feel has the potential to offend or do harm, for example (but not limited to), Nazi and KKK memorabilia, ivory and other items sourced from endangered species, firearms and any items that contain racist, sexist and homophobic messages and/or depictions.

How do I make sure my listings get approved for sale on Vintage Granny?

Firstly, all of the items you list must be available for sale through Vintage Granny. Full text descriptions are required for every item, which should contain item measurements and condition details, including flaws or wear if present. Listings must provide all information necessary to support fully informed decisions to purchase.

Appraisal documents or valuations may only be referenced/shown if the person executing the appraisal has an earned accreditation from a recognized professional appraiser organisation and has no personal or commercial relationship to the seller.

Unsurprisingly, good photos are key to making your listing a success, as well as that of Vintage Granny on the whole. If your images don’t meet our requirements, the listing won’t be approved.

Your images should include:
• A high-quality, primary (first) image that displays clearly the item for sale.
• Up to four further images that will allow the potential buyers to make a fully-informed decision on their purchase.
• The final image may show the item in situ, or in addition to other relevant objects, to illustrate them in a picturesque setting.

Your images must be formatted in the following way:
• The primary image must be on a white background.
• Item images must be in JPG or uncompressed PNG format
• Each image must be at least 1600 wide by 1600 pixels high.
• Images larger than 500kb (0.5MB) will not upload.
• All images must be square.

Who’s responsible for shipping orders and what options can I offer?

We let each seller set and manage their own shipping options, based on domestic or international shipping rates. For help estimating shipping costs please use this Shipping Calculator.

What kind of support does Vintage Granny provide to help make my selling successful?

The most immediate benefit that Vintage Granny provides is putting your items in front of a global audience of discerning buyers, eager to purchase that special, one-off item that – potentially – only you can provide them with.

Of course, we recognise there’s more to successful selling than that though – particularly in the vastness of the internet. That’s why, from the moment you sign up to sell on Vintage Granny, you’ll receive comprehensive support in the form of tools and guidance on how to get going. You’ll also receive personalised account management from then on, ensuring there’s someone with expert knowledge on hand to help optimise your profile and listings on an ongoing basis.

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