About Vintage Granny

Vintage Granny is a marketplace destination for those with an eye for the unique and the exceptional. Regularly updated with a curation of objects from the world’s finest galleries, shops and individual collectors, we embrace hidden gems, luxurious rarities and bargain finds alike – with every item on the site priced at under $10,000. Vintage Granny combines the thrill of unearthing that distinctive, special something with the ease, convenience and security of a digital shopping platform.

The idea for Vintage Granny was first formed through a friendship: two old souls who took great delight in roving around the world in search of the one-of-a-kind and hard-to-find objects that spoke to their own unique personalities. The pleasure it brought felt too good not to share; the treasures they found too wonderful not to bring to a wider audience.

And so, they founded Vintage Granny: a marketplace that brings the world they love into as many homes, wardrobes and lives as possible.

Our values

‘Handle with care’ – it’s something that we’re dedicated to in ways that go far beyond the shipping of more delicate treasures from our site…

Vintage Granny is nothing without the global community of buyers and sellers that bring their diverse and passionate individuality to the table. We want to ensure that each and every one of them is able to thrive as successfully, safely and happily as possible, which is why we’ve defined and live by a core set of values to guide our business.


Our buyers, sellers and employees are inclusive, diverse and accessible. We’re committed to empowering diversity within the antiques/vintage community.


We support our community and help them build their business within Vintage Granny. By shaping and continuously improving a best-in-class digital shopping environment, we can help them buy, sell and hustle in ways once thought out of reach.


Buying second-hand items and supporting small businesses with carefully-managed supply chains is better for both the planet and the people on it. Vintage Granny exists to extend the life of items that can still bring joy, reducing needless production, consumption and waste in the process.

A world of wonders, all in one place

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